Prison Dancer is an original interactive musical web series inspired by the viral Youtube phenomenon, the “Dancing Inmates of Cebu.” Featuring a cast of Youtube stars and some of the most exciting Filipino musical talent emerging in North America, Prison Dancer is “Glee meets Miss Saigon” wrapped in a “choose your own”adventure. Filled with catchy pop tunes, star-crossed lovers, and engaging interactive elements, Prison Dancer brings together the best of Broadway and Youtube entertainment and takes transmedia storytelling to the next level.

Additional Info

  • ORIGINAL TITLE: Prison Dancer
  • PRODUCTION: Ana Serrano
  • MEDIA: Corporate website
  • YEAR: 2012
  • DIRECTOR: Romeo Candido
  • CAST: Jeigh Madjus, Jose Llana, Catherine Ricafort, Albert Guerzon, Moses Villarama, Marc Dela Cruz, Enrico Rodriguez, Nathan Ramos, Andrew Eisenman, Marcus Calderon
  • CONTRIBUTORS: Carmen De Jesus
  • TYPOLOGY: Independent
  • ONGOING: Yes
  • GENRE: Other


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