A mad project and a riveting story born from the mind of André Kuenzy, in collaboration with directors Bastien Bron and Adan Martin, and script-writer Myriam Roelli. What if the process of augmented reality was tested on a scarcely inhabited island, like the first atomic bombs? Kiritimati (Christmas in Polynesian), an island in the Pacific Ocean threatened by the rising waters, a few hours by plane from Honolulu. The scene of bloody battles between the Japanese and the Americans during World War II, this place was also used to test several atomic bombs, with little regard for the local population. It is in this little-known corner of the world that the company “Augmented” chooses to test their new invention: sunglasses giving access to augmented reality. These devices are able to link the fantasies of each user, creating an unpredictable chaos from which a fantastic tale is born, a love story with such guest stars as a couple of giant squid. The story takes the viewer into a world where virtual and physical realities intertwine through the crucible of augmented reality sunglasses. Technological progress or manipulation of the mind, the effect on the people of Kiritimati, however, are real.

An intrigue part psychological thriller, part fantasy!

Additional Info

  • ORIGINAL TITLE: Augmented
  • PRODUCTION: Ombudfilms Sàrl
  • MEDIA: Corporate website
  • COUNTRY: Switzerland
  • YEAR: 2015
  • DIRECTOR: André Kuenzy
  • CAST: The Rambling Wheels
  • CONTRIBUTORS: Bastien Bron, Adan Martin, Myriam Roelli
  • TYPOLOGY: Independent
  • ONGOING: Yes
  • GENRE: thriller


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